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Welcome to SharpMusic!

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SharpMusic is a client for the Music Player Daemon that tries to join the power of MPD with the visual appel of the Muine Music Player.

Currently it has some very cool concepts stolen from Muine that are not present in other MPD clients, but it also doesn't have as much flexibility as the others. So, if you want a simple, clean, slick client for MPD, here it is =D.

It's being developed only by me, but I apreciate every help you can give me, specially with testing and suggestions.


July 6th, 2005

Today I'm proud to present you SharpMusic 0.3. Yeah, I'm back. Not as active as before, but I'm back =D. You can download the binaries, download the sources or read the changes of this new release *now*!

This release includes a new installation method. It's not perfect but works =D. I'll try to release deb packages in the next release, too.

Also i'm simplifying the packages. From now on I'll release only two packages, a binary one and a sources one. Both will be in the tar.bz2 format. If you can't uncompress it, try out File Roller.

June 24th, 2005

After a long time far from this SharpMusic project I finnaly came back. I can't release it right now, but I can say that SharpMusic 0.3 is comming soon! Changes includes:

November 18th, 2004

Today SharpMusic 0.1 has finally been release! Thanks for everyone that helped me doing this, specially shank, qball, avuton for assistence with MPD, Jorn Baayen for having written Muine and all Open Source folks.

Sneak Preview

This is an screen capture of SharpMusic 0.3 main window:


And now a shot showing other SharpMusic's windows (note that this is SharpMusic 0.2, a version that wasn't really released):



The latest binary package of SharpMusic is downloadable here. You can also download other packages and the source code in the project file list.


To install SharpMusic you will need to download the binary package (or compile the program from the source package) and run the "install" script included. More instructions are included in the packages at the README file. You will need:


(as of July 6th, the SVN is outdated)

If you want the latest bleeding edge version of SharpMusic, please go to the Subversion repository of MPD. There you will need both sharpmusic and nmusicpd modules.

Have fun!

Thanks for your interest!
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